About us

Welcome to Efi Propolis, your destination for premium bee products straight from the heart of nature. Explore our journey, our commitment to quality, and our collaborations aimed at fostering scientific advancement and sustainable practices.

Our History

Founded in 2014 by Felix Zulhendri, PhD, Kebun Efi (www.kebunefi.com) began as a multifaceted agricultural endeavor encompassing an apiary, fruit orchard, and beef cattle farm. Dr. Zulhendri, with a background in R&D and intellectual property law, brought a wealth of expertise to the venture. In 2018, Kebun Efi opened its doors to the public, evolving into a boutique operation offering premium bee products and providing an enriching agrotourism experience.

Our Development Over The Years

One of our significant developments has been the establishment of Efi Propolis and Efi Care. These brands offer a range of premium bee products sourced directly from our Trigona bee farm in Kabanjahe, Medan, Indonesia. Our production process includes meticulous harvesting directly from the beehives, extraction, and thorough filtration to ensure the purity of our products. From Efi Propolis drops to Efi Propolis Anti Aging Cream, each item reflects our commitment to quality and natural goodness.

Our Flagship Product

At the heart of our offerings lies Efi Propolis, a daily health supplement renowned for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and immune-boosting properties. Harvested from plant resin by bees, propolis is a natural defense mechanism that helps bees protect their hives. Our flagship product, Efi Propolis drops, has garnered acclaim both online and offline, with thousands of satisfied customers benefiting from its natural goodness.

Collaborations with Universities

We are proud to collaborate with esteemed institutions like Padjajaran University, Bandung, through scientific research and product development initiatives. Our partnership aims to advance the understanding and utilization of Kebun Efi Propolis products, contributing to both academic knowledge and community well-being. This collaboration underscores our commitment to scientific excellence and innovation.

Our Main Distributor

PT Sains Inovasi Indonesia serves as the primary distributor of Efi Propolis products in Bandung, solidifying our presence in both online and  offline markets. Since joining forces in January 2024, PT Sains Inovasi Indonesia has spearheaded sales efforts, with successful trials at Yogya Plaza Cimahi and Yogya Sumbersari Junction Bandung. Their dedication to spreading the benefits of Efi Propolis reflects our shared vision of promoting wellness and natural living.

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